All updates for fixed and mobile speed cameras, every day, for all GPS devices.

Last update: 10.14.2019

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Download the latest update available. The most complete database of speedcam available on internet. You'll receive inmediately a download link containing the necessary files to update your device. You don't need to do other format conversions. 100% Legal

For this device, speedcam database covers: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom.

Peugeot 5008 WIP Nav

In order to update your GPS device: Peugeot 5008 WIP Nav with the latest update, follow next instructions.

First of all, be sure you got the update file for your Peugeot 5008 WIP Nav device, downloaded from

If still haven't got it, you can get it now filling the form you see on this page.

  1. Extract files from the SpeedcamUpdates zip package. If the file you have downloaded is not a ZIP file means the file is already decompressed, and you can continue with the next step of this installation instructions.
  2. Extract your original SD card from your GPS device and insert it into your PC computer using a card reader or any SD adapter.
  3. Copy all the files you extracted before in the SD memory card of your Peugeot 5008 WIP Nav device, in the folder named "/database", replacing any file if needed.
  4. Insert SD memory card into the Peugeot 5008 WIP Nav device. Run in navigation mode by pressing NAV key. Go to Navigation menu/Settings/Speedcams and activate all options: "show speedcams on map", "visible alert" and "acoustic alert".


Quentin Vincent - 2019-10-14

Very updated information.

Lea David - 2019-10-12

Completely satisfied

Adam Dubois - 2019-10-12

My car GPS was stuck at 50%, but I did login into the control panel and I customized my own database which solved the issue. Thanks for the support.